So many updates…so little time….

So here I am blogging, and as you can see I’m suuuuupppppeeeerrr good about it. I think my last one was in 2011. I would like to say it is because I have been SO busy, but honestly, I’m lazy about blogging. And about some other things too. But here I am. And I’m committed. For reals this time. I am currently working on my new website. If you are new here, it will just be a website. But if you have been following my work, you will see some major changes.

For starters, the website has a new theme and is now responsive, meaning it can be viewed on a computer and on a mobile device. Yeah, that’s right. I’m super fancy now. Although, I can’t take a lot of the credit, My husband is a nerd. But after he put the new theme on and stuff, everything else is all me! Yay me!

Ok…enough of that πŸ˜‰

Another thing you may notice is that I have removed my portraits and events photography. I have never loved doing portraits. Well, mostly. I like taking the portraits. I like the ride home from theΒ photo shoot,Β where I have met new people, and you are all pretty darned awesome, I must say, but then there is the edit. I’m not a huge fan of editing people. I feel like it is never good enough. (Side note: If you are currently one of my clients, or a good friend, I will still do portraits for you. Because I love you.)

So there. The truth. I have decided to focus on my true passion. I love food photography. And art photography. Travel and whatnot. So that is what you will see here. My love and passion.

So that’s what I’m working on right now. It may be a little slow, but I’m really going to try to ramp it up and focus. I think mostly it is because I have so many photos that I really want to edit before I work on my site, but I’m thinking now that I should focus on the site, post what I love and then edit and add later. Cool? Ok, Cool.

Well, thanks for listening…or reading. Also, if you haven’t guessed I’m kind of changing my blog format. I used to keep it kind of formal. Well, not formal really, as I’m never formal, but definitely more reserved. Well, aside from trying to keep my foul mouth out of the game, I really want to make this blog more me. So…hope you like it. And I hope you like ellipses…Cause I’m a huge fan…And they are everywhere…even when they aren’t necessary. πŸ™‚


Oh and here’s a photo to keep you occupied while I work.