San Diego Humane Society

As of July, I have been volunteering at the SD Humane Society as one of their photographers. I was super worried that I was going to have a problem. During orientation I almost cried about 30 times. I sat there thinking, ‘welp, I’m not going to be able to do this’. I stuck with it. The first time I went to take photos, I only almost cried once. Yay! Improvement. Since then, I’ve been going once a week for adoptable animal photos and I’ve only almost cried once since. A woman and her two children came into the stray area and found their two cats that had gone missing two weeks prior. I mean, come on. Anyone that wouldn’t almost cry is a stone.

Every week a handful of animals that I photographed the week before are gone. Adopted out to families around the area. I can’t even describe the happiness that the humane society brings. I am so thankful that I get to spend a couple hours a week there.

Anyway…This week I was able to photograph kittens. My first kitten day. Here is one of the precious little munchkins I had the luck of meeting.


This is Trevor. Trevor is available for adoption, but probably not for long. πŸ™‚

I’ll probably be posting a lot about the animals at the Humane Society, because I love animals, and I can’t help myself. Hope you love the photos as much as I loved taking them, and getting to know each and every one of these animals.