Photo Critique April 2013

So, if you read the previous blog, you know all about the IE Photo Club (well, not all about it, but that it exists) and here is the photo that I submitted for the April critique. The theme is “eyes”. Here is the photo I originally submitted:


The photographer that was there to critique was Jack Graham. I LOVE his photography. I have heard him speak twice now and was super nervous about what he would say. He actually liked it (*SQUEEEE*)…his only suggestion was to crop the left side a little. Now, at first I was like, no way. I love it this way…but then I did….


And I loved it even more. Now, I also added the color back (just to try it), but I originally thought the cropping would not be what I wanted…but I have to admit, I really like it better cropped. So yeah…It looks even more close up and in detail than I ever thought. So long story short. Love love love some Jack Graham. And criticism is always welcome. And actually desired. If someone else can make my photos even better, why would I NOT listen?? Β It’s like someone else is doing my work for me. Have I mentioned I may be a little lazy?