Echinacea Flowers

I don’t update often enough. I could say I’m too busy drawing…or I could say I’m too busy at my day job…Or I could say that I’m too busy playing iphone games. All of these things would be true. But all just excuses. So, here I am posting a drawing. I’m thinking of applying to a virtual Art in the Park that the Petaluma Art Association is putting together.

I do miss actual events, actual fairs, people, other things outside. Ok ok I know, I can go outside. I was truly disappointed when I found out the Sonoma County Fair would be canceled this year, as well as the Sonoma Marin Fair. Sonoma Marin Fair actually had a virtual fair (lots of virtual this year), and I won some awards. So, yay! I do love ribbons. I’ll post some of those later.

So anyway…I digress. Here is a big old clump of Echinacea that I just love. It’s not my usual stippling, so maybe that’s why I’m so taken with it. In person it looks so textured and multi-dimensional. Hope you like it too. XO