Drawing and More Drawing

So, if you notice by my Instagram account, my art has gone a little more away from photography lately and more toward drawing. I haven’t drawn much in years. Maybe the occasional doodle on some work notes, but honestly nothing. So, when I saw, on Instagram, a 100 day challenge, I jumped at it. The hardest part of drawing for me has always been trying to decide what to draw. Well, with this challenge, you had to pick ahead of time. I picked something a little broad so I could do several things. I asked for help from friends, from coworkers and followers. Everyone had ideas on what to draw for my nature theme. I have to say, I think I improved over my 100 days. Some of my less proud drawings include:


And some of my lovely little pride and joys include:

It was great to start drawing again and have continued, even after my 100 day challenge. Stay tuned for more drawing posts…And more photos, I’m sure.