Yountville Hike and Photo Outing

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join a photography meet-up group (Igers North Bay-A North Bay Instagram meet up group) on a hike/photo outing. It has been a while since I’ve been a member of a photography group. Well, technically I’m still a member of the IEPC, in Southern California, but haven’t been to a meeting since moving up north last year. So…Anyway…It was nice to get out there, climb a hill (well, part of a hill), and take some photos of the Napa Valley, right at sunset, just weeks before harvest really ramps up. That was a lot of commas.

It’s a beautiful time in the valley, and it was nice to take advantage of the warm, dry weather before harvest ends and the rain (hopefully) begins. While I shot some cool stuff of the valley-and up towards Mt. St. Helena, nothing really moved me. So…I’ll post more of those later (once I meander through my edits). But I wanted to toss this one up here. This is actually at the bottom of the hill, just after sunset, of some wheat/weed/grass stuff blowing in the wind.


Feel free to see more stuff on my Instagram page 🙂

Hope you like…I’ll try to post a couple valley shots in a bit…