Vineyard Shots

I have been working with a St. Helena grape grower. I do fun things like set up new order forms and teach Instagram. (Yes, order forms are fun, because when I’m not art-ing I’m account-ing. Because I’m an accountant…anyway…I digress.) But…back to the subject at hand. I have been working with Dana for a couple years, and started photographing for her a little over a year ago.

This past harvest, I was fortunate enough to get to join her and her husband and a gaggle of some of the hardest workers I have ever been blessed to see at about 4:30 am…or maybe it was 5. Either way…it was a dark, early morning. But it was perfect. It started in the dark, and slowly but surely presented a gorgeous sunrise.

I had no idea how fast, and accurate, and detailed the harvest process is. If you ever get a chance to witness it, you will not be disappointed.