SDHS Kitten Overload.

Hi! I know I mentioned before that I was doing some photography for the San Diego Humane Society.

This week I photographed cats. Although I fall in love with most of the cats that I work with, there are a special few, each time I visit that just get to me. This was one. Her Shelter name is Blueberry. She is still young and a little shy. I poked and bugged her, as all good cat owners do, and she started tolerating me. I picked her up and set her in a cat tree and she decided to lie down. If I could have every cat pose like this, those cats would fly out the door. This is her circa 1997 Glamour Shot.

I’m in love.

Side note…who knew cats would be so much harder to shoot than dogs. I specifically chose cats because I figured, I’m a cat person. It makes sense. But I fall in love so hard with those dogs.

Here is Blueberry’s info…if you want that cute face to come home with you.