Ladybugs on Ladybugs

Back in January, a friend of mine told me about the ladybug migration that comes through northern California every year. While many know about the Monarchs, not much is publicized about the ladybugs. They come to the same park, every year, in the exact same spot. They are there for a month or two, and then move on.

Up the trail, about a mile, at the Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, this is where they rest.


While I was expecting to find tree trunks and underbrush crimson with ladybugs, they were actually a little difficult to find. But once you did, they were everywhere.  Above you can see them climbing on top of one another, glistening with the last remnants of dew and mist from an early morning rain.

Along the trail in the cool month of January, are more fungi than you could ever expect. Some I’ve never seen before, and all that I don’t know the name of…but pretty as pie.


And here, another.


I can’t wait to go back and do this again. In the meantime, I’m living in wine country and suffering through the summer with beautiful vineyards around me…

Man, I really need to get out and take some photos before harvest..