Getting My S*&t Together

That’s right. That’s what I’m doing. I probably should have done more last week, getting stuff online, taking photos, working on Etsy. Well, I definitely should have. I was off all week because of the massive fires in Sonoma and Napa Counties. (My day job is accountant for a family of wineries.)

A strong shout out to the tireless, amazing, fantastic, supportive, hero firefighters and emergency personnel in California and all over the country (and Australia!) who came in to help us in our hour of need. You are true heroes. Truly. And I could never thank you enough. And you are still here continuing to fight the fires that have not reached containment and the hot spots that keep popping up everywhere like a bad boyfriend. So, thank you. Truly.

So from there, I leave you with my most recent posting on Instagram to ‘tide’ you over while I get more photos and things posted on Etsy. Get it? TIDE you over? Crabs! In the tide? Ok. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜€