February Challenge…

So, an idea stolen from another photographer…well, borrowed? Is the February challenge. Each day I’ve been posting a new photograph on my Facebook page (and Twitter) with a different letter of the alphabet. (Feb 1=A, Feb 2=B…etc.) So far, really fun. Here is my favorite (E=Espresso):



Here is the one that I posted yesterday that people seem to be going crazy for (L=Locks):



I’m having a great time, both shooting new things to add, and pulling up older photos and re-editing them. This has definitely made me step up my social media game and photography game. I can be so lazy when it comes to posting (as you can see by the fact that I haven’t posted here since last year), but I really want to step it up. So here’s to the new me. Thanks alphabet! I really appreciate it! If you want to check out the rest of the photos, up through “L”, they are here on my Facebook page.